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Where it all began...

The Original Idea:

Nightcap was originally conceived as a place for sweet sustenance and sparkling cocktails.  Over the past three and a half years however, we have evolved into so much more.  Our space is now known as a late night, date night spot for guests and friends alike.  The cozy atmosphere is welcoming, romantic and is also a great place to dine solo.  It’s a space to make new friends, enjoy some incredibly tasteful food and cocktails that aim to please.  Nightcap carries an old school Austin vibe that is hard to be classified as a bar or restaurant.  We like to consider ourselves as a nightly dinner party at your friends house.  The idea is to come over, have a great time and let us clean up afterwards.  On special occasions, glitter is our favorite color that is often paired with bubbles.  We hope you join us for any occasion and truly enjoy your evening.


      a large lawn in front of a housea bench in front of a building